03 Oct 2017
Designing a Logo

Think About Things when Designing a Logo

A logo is the face of a company. While thinking about Apple or Nike, the logo strikes first. Such logos were designed for staying etched in the minds of people. Designing a Logo is a challenge. Especially for a start-up.

There are infinite options for every product. So, you need to design a logo from people’s perspective in such a way that the logo must strike through their thoughts once they think about the product. For Designing a Logo, you need to think about the following aspects:

Inspiration: The logo you design must win the customer’s hearts. So, reach out to the people first. Draw some inspiration from them. When I say inspiration, I need you to do some basic research. You need to know people’s perspective, their requirements and much more. Then, you’ll be able to make out a path to Designing a Logo that best suits your company and its requirements.

Distinctiveness: You must create a distinct and a unique identity for your company that your logo should help portray. Designing a Logo which resembles your competitor’s in any aspect will not show originality. So, your logo must clearly show that you are unique and nothing like the others.


Your logo will be representing your company. If your start-up deals with hospitals and if your logo has the image of a wheel chair, then the customers can mistake your company for a care centre. Remember, your logo will define your company in a very important way. Keep in mind that it will affect customer opinion and your company’s future in the process.


Trends don’t matter: Trends come and go. While Designing a Logo, don’t depend on the current trends. Instead, you can think of what lies ahead and work according to it.

Colors: While Designing a Logo, don’t go for the colours which are nearer to your competitor. If you do so, customers can easily relate and make out. So, you will be remembered as a competitor. The colour and font of your logo are capable of evoking positive as well as negative emotions in your customers. Unless it is impossible for people to relate with these, your logo will never stay in their minds.




Types of logos
There are certain standard logo types available and you need to choose one among them before you start designing.

  • Letter form- This type mainly concentrates on text like the logo of Amazon.
  • Pictorial- This type concentrates on the image of their product like the logo of Cream Stone.
  • Abstract- They do not represent anything like the logo of Nike.
  • Wordmarks- These are individual words like the logo of Google.
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  1. Hi, Nice post! It precisely explained the importance of having a logo for your business and how it influence your brand. Thanks for sharing these valuable insights into things that we must consider while getting logo designed. Quite helpful! No wonder logo is essential to create a remarkable identity of your brand.


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